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What is SwipeMarket? SwipeMarket is an end-to-end video advertising company that produces high quality content from strategy to delivery in as little as three weeks. We saw that there was a gap in the video production market. Either you could pay a thousand dollars and get something low value, or spend a quarter of a million dollars with an agency to get quality content. For small and medium sized businesses especially, the high price of quality makes it prohibitive to choose video advertising, even when video content can really help them achieve their marketing goals. By combining production and marketing under one roof with efficient video production strategies, we’re affording brands the opportunity to produce cinematic content at a cheaper rate, without sacrificing quality.

What is the company’s overall mission? To partner with clients and make branded content as engaging as entertainment properties, as well as maximize campaign ROI – whether it be brand awareness, product understanding, sales conversion, and/or employee recruitment.

How do we do this? First, we get to know the client’s business and help them find their story. By working directly with our clients to understand their business and culture, we can quickly assemble a strategy which leverages the everyday, making it easier to produce content. Our slate of video messaging derives from 4 years of experience producing content OUR way. Transparency and authenticity reign supreme in today’s business world, which is why we make it a priority to include these elements in all of the content we produce.

Next, we find a cost-effective way to tell a cinematic story tailored to the media channels that matter.  If content will only be shown on digital, we only invest into a modest production setup, as the viewer will never realize the difference of an expensive camera. We also strive to be efficient with time and work on a quick turnaround. Our campaigns are generally committed at a fixed rate, which means we are incentivized to finish projects as efficiently as possible.

Finally, we help clients deploy content through both traditional and digital channels.  For companies with more advanced CRM and sales processes, we can help bring performance scoring with video to your demand generation funnel.

Combining smart use of resources with savvy cinematic storytelling, we deliver branded video content that is more memorable, more personable, and ultimately, an offers emotional response that drives better business outcomes.

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