“Exceed” Conference Hype Video for Clari
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“Exceed” Conference Hype Video for Clari

CLARI helps sales teams from industry-leading companies


CLARI helps sales teams from industry-leading companies like Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, Box, and Juniper Networks, to drive more revenue and increase forecast accuracy through improved deal execution and predictive analysis of active opportunities.

This particular video was created to generate awareness and enthusiasm for Clari’s EXCEED Conference — a first-ever, two-day, invite-only event (at Levi’s Staidum) dedicated to sales visionaries, industry analysts, and thought leaders, including various San Francisco 49ers legends.

Seeking approximately 200 event attendees, Clari’s goal was to have 80% be prospects and 20% be customers (to lead the prospects through the sales journey). Originally, we had planned on scouting the location in preparation of filming a video for the event itself, but upon arriving, we decided to do something bigger: take the CEO and have him broadcast his message directly to the attendees.

Ultimately, Clari ended up hitting their goal with 100% attendance at the event. And not only did the event pave the way for them to become more of a household name within their industry, but we were able to uncover and offer production value in places where one normally wouldn’t.