HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Array
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HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Array

NIMBLE STORAGE is the leader in predictive


NIMBLE STORAGE is the leader in predictive flash storage technology, producing hardware and software products for data storage, specifically data storage arrays that use the iSCSI and Fibre Channel protocols (and includes data backup and data protection features). To date, more than 7,500 enterprises, governments, and service providers have deployed the Nimble predictive flash platform across more than 50 countries.

After only four visits to Nimble’s headquarters in San Jose, CA, we delivered more than 25 unique videos, including a company overview one, multiple product videos, as well as multiple customer and conference reviews.

This “next level” scripted production is an example of our traditional ad agency capabilities, and was produced with the goal in mind that Nimble would announce to the world their entrance into an “all flash” market. Upon completion of the spot, Nimble unveiled it simultaneously on multiple continents, and it quickly became a cornerstone branding asset for the company for over a year. What’s more, it ended up sparking a series of digital stories that followed certain characters featured in the video.